WSN was born at the Barcelona ESA-BIC (Managed by Barcelona Activa), by a highly experienced and recognized team in the telecommunications, Internet and VoIP field, to generate solutions that include the design and commercialization of:

  • Broadband connectivity by any means, especially satellite links
  • Content optimization for broadband solutions
  • Internet and VoIP worldwide broadband access for vessels
  • Heterogenic Platform Integration
  • Broadband Content Packaging via satellite for multicast networks
  • Restricted access to the content manager

Overall rural areas worldwide require satellite connectivity, as it is the only way to access broadband content.

WSN has become the reference satellite operator on maritime connectivity in Europe, and now from the Canary Islands we offer the best connectivity for Africa and all its maritime environment. Our group is in the heart of the new challenges facing the digital economy through its ability to install broadband access on heterogeneous networks wherever it is required.

In addition, WSN contributes to effectively connect the most depressed areas of internet access that are out of reach of terrestrial networks to have effective access and to improve the ubiquity of the Internet wherever you are.

AEROTEL WSN division is also a leader in building heavy duty drones for hauling, inspection or audiovisual recording. In the field of agriculture WSN it provides the first systems based on aerial spraying drones that can even be controlled via satellite.