WSN IP services provide a complete portfolio of professional solutions for markets throughout the world: Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia and the Americas.

Our packaged bandwidth solutions are specifically geared towards broadband access, LAN interconnection and IP multicasting. These flexible solutions ensure the availability of services at very competitive prices. With no hidden costs, equipment, space segment and round-the-clock customer support are all included in our turnkey solutions.

WSN supplies bandwidth for IP backbone connectivity to Internet Service Providers through diverse satellites that allow a nearly global coverage, and to those offering tunkey broadband access solutions, we have also developed a suite of value-added services which include the ADVANCED and SATWIDE options.

The ADVANCED services, enable small terminals to benefit from always-on broadband connectivity among several minimum guarantee options. In addition to supplying a single work station or a local network, it can also serve Wi-Fi hot spots or powerline networks.

The SATWIDE service functions with dynamic bandwidth assignment, makes it particularly adapted for ad hoc broadband requirements for video-conferencing, telemedicine and connectivity for civil and military marine fleets.

Cost-effective and reliable two-way satellite services, delivering broadband Internet access to businesses and administrations

WSN provides premium Internet connectivity to companies and local administrations, regardless of their locations, anytime, anywhere.

The service can be rolled out quickly thanks to our wide network of partners and satellite broadband service distributors, who offer the highest levels of quality and reliability in their network services.

Key Applications:
· Internet browsing
· e-mail
· Data access & updates
· Fast file transfer & download
Your Profile:
· Web café
· Local or regional administration
· Construction / Oil&Gas