Analysis of the Entity in order to improve its processes, communications and organization

Process Re-egineering Process and entity optimisation. Process automation.
Document management Simplification, classification and automation of documents and information.
Management of change Planning and supportfortheorganisationalortechnologicaltransition of ourcustomers.
Organisational consultancy Organisational evaluation and proposals for improvement: organisation, services/products, channels and technology, outlining/definition/description of work placements
Control Panel A managing system which allows the evaluation of the way in which the entity works: processes, systems, management, personnel…
Implementation of ISO procedures Quality 9000, environment 14000, information safety 27000,…
Management of business risk Detection and analysis of businessrisk in itsorganisational and business  scope: business sector, presentation to customers, legal risk, internationalisation, etc.As well as legal fulfillment, ICT allowsanInteralRiskmanagement