The consulting space will be focused on what WSN can do as a company through the third parties we have (W-Robotic, Smartleaf…)

From WSN we offer tailored services focused on meeting your needs in information technology and telecommunications. Discover our projects and divisions.

IT Consulting
From the engineering department, we provide a professional and exclusive service of specialized consultancy. Based on the trust our customers place in us, the reassurance that comes from our experience and the quality of our solutions.

WSN is an engineering company focused on the development, implementation and installation of communication systems. Offering configuration and maintenance of the same, implementing data and voice, cyber security, and cloud service.

The essence of our team is based on being 100% involved in the project, giving it character and innovation, without losing focus on the objectives set. Our specialists will be available at all stages of the project.

Our clients’ projects are our projects.

We have a division of R & D in unmanned vehicles, W-Robotic, responsible for developing solutions using this technology. The future of the drones sector requires advanced, efficient and secure communications.

We live in an era full of technology, the tourist is looking for a unique experience. The tourism sector, as we know it until now, has a deadline. This will give way to a new generation of tourists looking for leisure alternatives focused on technology. In partnership with SmartLeaf, we offer a wide range of Smart & Green solutions to take the tourism sector into the new era of tourism 4.0.