Maritime VoIP

VoIP HQ telephony through satellite links. A new way to enjoy high quality telephony, wherever you are.

WSN runs its voice services through a platform specifically designed for use in high latency networks, ensuring the highest quality calls to any international destination to all our VSAT customers.

Check the availability of your most used destinations. We offer the best value for money and the ability to interconnect your offices anywhere in the world. In addition, you will save considerably on telephone expenses.

A high quality VOIP telephone line with no grey routes anywhere in the world thanks to our techniques of processing and prioritization of voice packets for satellites.

National or international numbering of more than 65 countries, without permanence contracts.

Ability to manage calls, devices and consumption data in real time. In addition, we have a quick and reliable technical support.

Services for sending and receiving faxes over the Internet in PDF format.
Send mass SMS to your clients through your devices.

VoIP telephone line for IP PBX in less than 48 hours.

Comfortable and totally customizable switchboard that has a great amount of functionalities to economize in your communications. Scalable to any need.