Terrestrial Connectivity

At WSN we have become the reference satellite operator on maritime connectivity in Europe, and now, from the Canary Islands we will offer the best connectivity for Africa.

Our Group is at the heart of the new challenges facing the digital economy through its ability to make broadband installations over heterogeneous networks where required.

In addition, at WSN we contribute effectively in connecting the most deprived areas of Internet access and out of reach of terrestrial networks, so that they have an efficient access and to improve the availability of the Internet wherever you are.

In this way, from WSN we offer high speed broadband via satellite with coverage throughout the national territory (Spain), including the Canary Islands.

Ideal for those users who require efficient and advanced IP solutions: Public fixed IP, port opening, VPN…

Download up to 25Mbps
2 Mbps upload

Starting at 35€/month
Request all available service options

Quick setup in your location
Performed by a qualified technician

Call to any A-Z international destination

Fix Public IP availability
Required by video surveillance systems (among others)

Free hardware
During the whole service term