Do you have a moment to save some money?

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Think you don’t have time to switch to VoIP?

Switching to a cloud telephony system, such as WSN’s, is much quicker than you might think.

The incentive to move to VoIP is always there. After all, businesses can save between 50% and 75% after switching.

You may already be thinking that VoIP cloud telephony offers you more competitive prices, more features and flexibility. But you may also be thinking that you don’t have the time to get your VoIP system up and running.

The reality is that if you are an SME, you can enjoy VoIP in less than an hour with a provider like us.


Desktop phones

Most desktop phones only need a few configuration steps to start making calls. The first step is, note that you can plug the phone into the Internet via ethernet and into a power socket for the phone’s power adapter. After this, all that remains is to register the phone.

The method of registration depends on the provider. In our case, we provide you with the credentials for the new account (username, server, password…).

With WSN you can register the phones and assign them to your employees without the help of a technician. This registration only takes about 10 minutes per device.


Many VoIP services offer softphones for their customers. Softphones are applications for your mobile phone or PC that can connect to your VoIP account and make and receive calls, just like a desktop phone. In some cases, these softphones can even make video calls.

You can have softphones available in a matter of minutes and anywhere… when you are out of the office, on the road… as long as you have an internet connection, you have access to your office phone.

Make calls instantly

When porting to a new VoIP provider, we usually offer temporary numbers so that you don’t miss calls during the process. In this way, we can offer call forwarding to this new number while the porting process is completed in 7-14 days, depending on the country and the country’s requirements.

With WSN you can have your number in a matter of minutes, create extensions for your employees, start making calls…etc.

You don’t need to upgrade your internet speed

Another myth that we debunked some time ago on our blog is that you need to upgrade your internet speed. Almost all internet connections can handle VoIP.

A VoIP call uses at least 100Kbps of bandwidth. To put it in perspective, a youtube video at 720p uses about 1000Kbps. In other words, watching a 720p video is the same as 10 concurrent VoIP calls.

Even satellite connections with limited bandwidth can handle this kind of traffic without much of a problem.

Can a few hours of your time save you 50% to 75%? Only you can answer that question, but you should know that many of the misconceptions about VoIP are myths.

With WSN you can set up your devices in a matter of minutes. You can start making calls as soon as you register the line on your VoIP phones or softphones. All you need is the internet connection you already have in your office. And with your access to the platform, you can configure all the technical options you need with the help of our support team.