How can VoIP improve my business communications?

By WSN In VoIP-Info



It is well known that VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the preferred method of telecommunications for businesses around the world. It goes without saying that VoIP has a myriad of benefits for your business communications. In this article, we will explore the benefits of VoIP and why you should consider implementing it in your business.

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, a technology that facilitates voice communications in an efficient, flexible and cost-effective manner. This technology provides companies with a reliable telephone network through cloud-based platforms.

The end user only needs a SIP phone or a softphone application that can be installed on their smartphone or computer. As well as being a cost-effective technology, it offers a number of advantages that your company can benefit from.

Advantages of voip for businesses

We’ve put together a list of the benefits to consider when implementing VoIP in your business in a clear, simple and easy format. Let’s take a look at a few ways VoIP can help you save money and time while improving productivity:

  • More efficient communications: Increasing the efficiency of telephone communications can bring advantages that both you and your customers can benefit from. VoIP platforms offer features that guarantee the sound experience of calls, tools such as call queuing, auto attendants, call forwarding…
  • Scalability and flexibility : Another advantage we can find in these systems is their ability to be scalable at all times. A company in continuous growth needs a communications infrastructure that adapts to its rhythm. These systems offer options that allow you to increase or decrease the number of users, as well as design a unique solution to meet your company’s telephony requirements.
  • Remote working: Because there is no need for landlines, with VoIP, we can make and receive calls from anywhere in the world as long as we use a compatible device. As providers, we ease the transition from conventional lines to digital lines. Whether you are on a business trip, abroad or at home… you have the ability to access all the tools from your mobile device.
  • Back-up plan: Due to downtime and/or repairs of the conventional telephone network itself, the costs could be enormous. VoIP, unlike conventional telephony, allows you to minimise the impact on your company by redirecting calls to a mobile number, or by pre-planning a protocol in case of a worst-case scenario. In this way, you can be up and running again in a matter of minutes.
  • Integrations: VoIP systems allow the integration of productivity applications such as (CRM/ERP) (Salesforce, Hubspot…among others). You will be able to make calls from the CRM itself which in turn will be registered in the team’s channels. In this way, the whole team can easily access the data.
  • International presence: Businesses using VoIP can expand beyond their current location and enter new markets. If your company wants to set up a branch in another city or even country, you can have a virtual number that is available in the chosen country and have a virtual presence without the need to be physically in the country or city. In short, VoIP facilitates efficient call management, which makes it easier to manage a multinational organisation. 
  • Softphones: A softphone is an application that allows you to have your digital line on a mobile or computer connected to the internet. They are also cheaper than a conventional physical SIP phone. If you need to communicate from anywhere in the world, you need a softphone.
  • Superior voice quality: VoIP suffers little or no interference because it is sent over IP networks. This technology converts analogue voice packets to digital, can even compress the data to maintain bandwidth, but has methods to prevent loss of these packets.
  • Functionality: Some VoIP applications have the ability to have video chat for business or commercial meetings. They can share screens and presentations. They have SMS sending, internal chats….


We have given you some reasons to decide whether to take the plunge and switch to the new telecommunications method that everyone is choosing, VoIP. In short, it has the potential to increase operational efficiency, streamline communication methods, boost team cooperation and improve the working environment.