How to make the best out of your VoIP Service

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For some years now, VOIP technology has been implemented in the daily life of all companies, and it is not surprising because all its advantages can be applied regardless of the size of the business. In order to implement it in a simple and effective way, it is necessary to take into account a series of steps that we will explain below.

1. Contact a VOIP provider.

The first thing to do is to contact a provider. WSN can offer you the service that suits your needs, offering a robust and reliable system. All this backed by our experience and technical team.

2. Evaluate your connection.

The VOIP service must use an internet connection in order to work, so it is important that we have one that is stable and fast. To find out if your internet meets these requirements you can use online tools to help you check this and the factors that affect the reliability of your connection.

3. Change the type of connection.

If you are looking for a fast internet connection, you should know what type of connection you are using. Currently the largest number of connections are made by fibre optic, this is the service we recommend, if you still have ADSL, check with us the fibre optic coverage at your place of work.

Even if you have a slow connection you can ensure a good VOIP telephony service thanks to the use of QoS. To do this you must use hardware with these characteristics, we will talk about them in the next point.

4. Replace obsolete equipment.

Hardware is another point to consider in your VOIP system. It is recommended to use modern equipment that does not compromise security and does not degrade call quality, this is very important because it is the backbone of your system.

The main problems that we usually find are related to old switches that are not able to handle the speed of the network and therefore produce a bottleneck that will degrade the quality of the calls making, for example, the voice sound choppy.

Another problem we often encounter in offices is the use of outdated ethernet cables that handle Fast ethernet speeds and therefore produce a large bottleneck in the network. There is no point in having the fastest internet speed in your area if your hardware is not capable of handling it.


Typically, all offices use the same network for telephony, other services and employee use. A bad use of the network can affect the performance of VOIP, causing calls to have a significant loss of quality. To avoid this, we recommend the use of the Vlan, it will help us to separate our physical network into several virtual networks, allowing us to dedicate one of these networks to VOIP with an assured bandwidth, in this way the other services will not be able to affect the quality of our calls. To be able to use these features it is necessary to have hardware capable of managing them.

In summary, for reliable VOIP it is recommended to have a fast and stable internet connection, modern hardware that is secure and capable of VLAN configuration and assured bandwidth.

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