VoIP can help you out

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Many SMEs and larger companies are well aware of VoIP telephony, but for people who are not connected to this world, it is difficult to define this concept clearly. VoIP is a type of telephony with which we can establish communication over the internet, as opposed to the usual telephone cable.

In this method, voice and data transmission are combined, making it possible to use computer networks to make telephone calls.

VoIP offers an alternative to conventional telephony, giving its users economic and technological advantages.

The aim of the companies that provide VoIP is to offer quality products and services to companies or individuals.

The services we offer are:

  • Economical: As they are hosted in the cloud, you save on hardware costs.
  • Connectivity: You can connect the service anywhere in the world, as they only need an internet connection.
  • International presence: You have worldwide geographic numbering at your disposal, so you can support your international clients.

In addition, VoIP providers have other products that will make your life easier, lighten your workload and provide you with opportunities for growth without the need to invest a lot of money or time.

  • Virtual PBXs
  • Fax over Internet
  • UcaaS (Unified Communications as a Service)
  • Telephone numbering

In general, IP Telephony companies know how difficult it is to create a small business, so we are very aware of this first stage of a company’s life and we try to create quality products to make it easier for entrepreneurs to start their new project. 

In short, IP Telephony is one of the weapons that small business owners or entrepreneurs can use to overcome this difficult stage. Discover our SME pack (Fibre, mobile and PBX switchboard). Contact us: info@worldsatnet.com