VoIP vs UcaaS, what are their differences?

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Since 2019, most companies are already using VoIP for their voice communications. PBX manufacturers continued to advance this technology to modify and upgrade their platforms to multi-channel distribution systems, the so-called UcaaS (Unified Communications as a Service).

What changes between VoIP and UcaaS?

A VoIP system offers only voice services, incoming calls, outgoing calls, call reports… etc. An integrated VoIP system at UCaaS level is in turn a renewed platform and fundamentally strengthens corporate communications, making them unified at IP (Internet Protocol) level.

UCaaS represents a multimodal communication mode: web conferencing, chat, video conferencing, presence status, screen sharing, helpdesk solutions, integration with CRMs, VoIP, WebRTC… It is what we can consider as a revolution in the telecommunications sector.

VoIP: Classic functionalities

VoIP is a digital telephony service that uses the internet to carry and deliver communications. With it you can make and receive calls from your internet connection wherever you are using a SIP phone or softphone, just like a traditional telephone.

Other features offered by VoIP are: receiving and listening to voice messages, call monitoring, call forwarding both to colleagues’ extensions and external numbers (mobile/fixed), interactive voice mail, auto attendants, call queuing, call reports, call recording, conference calls with external access, call mobility and portability…

UcaaS: Added functionalities

One of the limitations of traditional VoIP is the lack of a service as widely used today as video conferencing. With UcaaS, you can hold meetings with hundreds of attendees, share a screen with all participants, send and receive files…

The tools available in UcaaS also allow you to chat, send text messages in the office or in remote locations… In this way, your team will be able to use this chat instead of the traditional email to speed up internal processes.

UcaaS: Integration with ERPs and CRMs

This is perhaps the most important aspect of a UcaaS platform. The integration with third-party systems such as ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning) or CRMs (Customer Relationship Management). This will help to extract and export data from one tool to another. For example, you need to call a customer and you want to access their data or information in order to know if they have made any other previous orders, having your CRM integrated with the UcaaS platform, this would be possible. From the same UcaaS panel, you will be able to initiate the call with the customer, see the interaction history, add notes about the call…

In addition, you can integrate it with other productivity applications such as Microsoft Office 365 or Google Contacts.


At this point, you have to ask yourself several questions to clear the doubt: what kind of application does my company need to communicate, who can supply me with this technology, do I need all the features of UcaaS or will something simpler work for me?

If you have the answer to these questions, you have the solution and from WSN, we offer you both so that you and your company are connected at all times. Contact us at: info@worldsatnet.com or our telephone 34928987979.

It’s time to take the plunge and stay connected with new technologies.